20th Anniversary

Here at Crusade Computer Solutions we are celebrating 20 years of successful and we did this by hosting a party! We invited our customers to enjoy this special night with us, as we had food and drink and listened to our amazing DJ/Live Artists as they entertained us through the night.

We were celebrating, however, we were also trying to raise money for this amazing charity Hibbs Lupus Trust, which is an amazing charity which helps people who have been affected by Lupus.

Thank you to everyone who donated a prize for our charity raffle!

As we were going through our night people had been buying raffle ticket after raffle ticket then the time came for the time of the raffle where many prizes were won. The prizes consisted of:

About The Hibbs Lupus Trust:

Lupus is a chronic and presently incurable illness of the immune system. There are different types of Lupus, one type is DLE which affects the skin and can cause hair loss, red, circular,scaly marks in the skin & permanent bald patches.

The Hibbs Lupus Trust provide support and information to anybody affected by or concerned about Lupus. They raise awareness of the symptoms of lupus to encourage early diagnosis & reduce life threatening complications associated with the condition.

Over the whole night we tried to gain as much money as possible for the Hibbs Lupus Trust by doing the raffle and asking people for money to give to the charity. We managed to raise around £420 to give to this amazing charity.

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