Keep business data safe while staff use their own devices

Posted in Blogs on 20/07/20

Because we have to work from home for now, your team might be using their own devices, which is completely fine as long as your business data isn't compromised.

That could be a big ask, especially if your staff are sharing their devices with other members of the family.

These are the top 5 things your staff should be doing to keep your business data safe.

  1. Password Security: Make sure their devices are password protected, Multi-factural-authentication is the best route.
  2. Anti-Virus: Make sure that the device has some sort of Anti-Virus software and Email Anti-Virus.
  3. Updates: Make sure their device is fully updated.
  4. VPN: If you have a Virtual Private Network, it is the safest way to access company data from home.
  5. Policies: Make sure you update your homeworking policy handbook.

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