Why Can't I Buy a computer from the high street?

Posted in Blogs on 02/07/20

A question I get asked a lot is "Why can't I just buy my IT equipment from the hight street?" 

Crusade have been working with SMB's for over 20 years, one customer in particular used to buy all of their IT equipment from the high street, which something a lot of people do when they are starting out. Unfortunately though these computers were not fit for business, they were home computers. They are designed for home use, a bit of internet browsing and emails. Not ready for the business world, where he was creating Excel spreadsheets, he also needed AutoCAD installing and access to the server. 

Our customer had bought a Windows 10 Home editition laptop with a 1Tb HDD. Not only is this not going to work for what he needs it for, it is going to be extremely slow. Our customer needed a Windows 10 Professional License to enable this laptop to work with his server. We would of advised him to have an SSD rather than HDD as they are 5x faster. We would of found the right fit for him.

Cheaper isn't always better, trust your IT Support company to help you get the best for your business. Their are always different price options, but we want the best for you.