Christmas Shopping Safety Tips

Posted in Blogs on 01/12/20

We all love the convenience of online shopping, especially now. But it does come with an element of risk. Online fraud cases over the Christmas period have been rising year on year.

Here are our tips to make sure the Cyber Grinch doesn't ruin Christmas:

  • Check payment pages are secure with 'HTTPS' at the start of the web address as well as the padlock symbol.
  • Do not make purchases on public WiFi, it might be tempting to do some shopping while in a cafe or pub, but this puts your personal information including credit card details at risk.
  • Use secure payment methods such as PayPal or a credit card as they offer more security.
  • Social media adverts and messages are being utilized by Cyber Criminals.
  • Never use the same password across different websites.
  • Whatever you purchase online, make sure you closely examine your bank and PayPal statements.

Have a great Christmas and stay safe.