Creating 1-to-1 meetings in Teams.

Posted in Blogs on 07/09/20
  1. Create a meeting in Outlook
  2. Create meetings within your team
  3. Create meetings within the calendar tab

Creating Meetings via Outlook

First open Outlook and open your calendar. > Within the top ribbon bar, find the start teams meeting. > Fill out meeting information and invite attendee's > Once you have been invited to a meeting, you can also use this method to join your Teams meeting. Open up your meeting and press the join Teams meeting tab.

Creating Meetings via your Team

Firstly, please note that your user experience will always be better if you use the Microsoft Teams app. > Open up Microsoft Teams and on the left hand panel select Teams > Once you are in the Teams section, press the Posts button in the top tabs bar. > When you are in tabs, under the conversation bar you will see icons, choose the meet now button. > Press this and start your meeting. (Please note, meetings in this will allow everyone in that team to connect and are not private, all those people will join the meeting as a presenter and will have full control over that meeting).

Create Meetings within the calendar tab

Open the Microsoft Teams application and find the calendar on the side bar. > Once in the calendar press the New meeting button in the top right hand corner. > Fill out the information and add your attendee's.

Please note, 1to1 meetings should be created using the outlook or calendar method. These meetings are private with only the attendee's that you have selected.

I hope you found this useful, please get in contact if you need further training.