Cyber Security Basics for Business

Posted in Blogs on 29/07/20

Unsecured systems are often riddled with viruses and spyware that will slow your computers down and cause your system to crash. More importantly though, unsecure systems can lead to compromised client information.

IT Security as a tricky subject, there is no way to keep all systems completely secure unless you pulled the plug on the internet connection. But you can fortify it pretty well without a high cost.

  • Use good quality security software on all of your devices, including laptops, tablets and phones. 
    • Security software like: 
      • Kaspersky
      • Symantec
      • Sophos
  • Implement a reliable backup system and test it frequently
    • Look for a system with a short recovery time (minutes instead of days).
  • Implement password policies 
    • Password changes might seem annoying, but they are important to the continued security of your systems
    • Use Multi-Factoral Authentication
  • Use a firewall that has additional built-in security services, such as anti-virus and intrusion prevention.
    • Look for a firewall with Unified Threat Management or Gateway Security Services such as WatchGuard
  • Educate your employees about basic security principles.
    • Teach your employees to change their passwords regularly.
    • Tell them not to write passwords down on post-it notes.
    • Advise them not to use simple passwords like Petname123
    • Don't click email links you don't recognise

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