How does the IT Support process work with Crusade?

Posted in Blogs on 27/07/20

Once you join our family and become a client of Crusade, if you have any IT Support problems you can contact our support team.

There are 3 super simple, ways of logging a support ticket.

  1. By clicking the Blue D support icon on your workstation.
  2. By telephone
  3. By email 

Once you have done that one of our engineers will seek permission to connect to your device via a remote work session. As as soon as you allow them to access your workstation, they can work on it as if they were sitting at your desk. You can either make yourself a coffee or watch the mouse move around your screen.

If we cannot fix the problem via a remote work session, our engineer can visit you at your site at a time convenient for you.

Once the problem has been resolved, we will ask you to test that the fix has actually worked and only then will we close the support ticket.