How much are prices going up in Microsoft Office 365?

Posted in Blogs on 01/02/22

Price rises, but only if you are on Monthly Subscriptions.

Microsoft are pushing their users towards a yearly commitment for their Microsoft Office 365 service. And it is certainly the smartest option if you want to keep the costs down.

You can still commit to monthly subscriptions on most Microsoft Office 365 licenses but expect to pay 20% more.

For example, say you currently have 10 licenses of Microsoft 365 business standard at £11.00 per license per month, this is going to rise to £13.20 per license per month. Based on your 10 licenses, that is an increase of £22.00 per month. 

You are able to reduce the number of licenses you need every 30 days and of course, you can add licenses whenever you need them.

If you commit to a yearly subscription, you will save money.

Committing to the yearly subscription of Microsoft Office 365 licenses will keep you locked in on the £11.00 per license per month for the next 12 months.

What happens if I want to change my IT supplier halfway through a yearly subscription?

If you are considering leaving your current IT supplier and joining Crusade Computer Solutions ????, you won't be able to until the end of your yearly commitment. So if you are considering moving to a new IT supplier make sure you do it before March 1st 2022.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, your IT supplier should still bill you monthly for it.

What would you recommend?

If you are planning to offload a large chunk of your staff, the yearly commitment isn't for you. If not, save yourself the price increase for at least a year.

If you need any help with making the right decision for your business, get in contact with our team today.