How secure is your laptop?

Posted in Blogs on 23/07/20

A Windows password isn’t always enough to make sure your data is safe if the device is lost or stolen.

Many people still have their password written down on a sticker on their laptop, or have a note of it in their laptop case to help them remember. This is a hacker’s best friend, as there is nothing stopping them accessing the computer and doing as they like with it.

One way to defend against this is to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). When you use MFA, you need to enter your password as normal to log in to Windows, and then also approve the login with an app on your phone. The phone app creates an extra layer of security, as it is unlikely to be lost or stolen at the same time as your laptop, and most phones now are protected by a PIN code and/or fingerprint.

Crusade uses a product called WatchGuard AuthPoint, AuthPoint is a great MFA solution, as it allows easy lockdown of the device if your laptop is lost, or recovery options if your phone is not usable when you need to log in to Windows. It also has a very useful feature to select “Safe Locations”, where the computer will not ask for extra authentication when it detects you are within a certain location, such as your office. This lets it be much less intrusive and allows you to get on with your work as smoothly as possible.

If you have a business laptop, you should really consider an MFA solution. 

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