How to avoid security risks when a member of staff leaves.

Posted in Blogs on 12/10/20

In 2017, President Trump's Twitter account disappeared for 11 minutes - apparently, this was due to the actions of a Twitter employee on their last day. 

From publishing confidential information to deleting important data, the potential for leavers to cause reputational damage or other security risks is massive. We have put together a list of practical steps that employers can follow to mitigate the information security risks and avoid damage by leavers.

It is good practice to have an off-boarding procedure or a checklist that your managers can work through. This will ensure that there are no technical risks and can include some non-technical items such as keys and fobs. 

Areas you should cover in your checklist include:

  • Return of company-owned property: this would include Laptops, Sat-Navs, Mobile Phones, Hard-Drives, USB Sticks, etc.
  • Terminate Network Access: shut down access and eliminate the user identity if possible. Don't forget to include any third-party cloud-based systems.
  • Change passwords: If the user had access to any customer passwords, you must change them. (Don't forget social media accounts).
  • Bring your own device (BYOD): If you allow your employees to use their own devices, make sure to wipe all company data from them.
  • Email forward: Set up email and call forward to colleagues.
  • Door code changes: If your company requires a pin number to enter the building, make sure to change this.

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