Is 2 better than 1 when it comes to monitors?

Posted in Blogs on 15/10/20

The advantages of having 2 monitors rather than 1:

Productivity: With 2 or more monitors, your employees can navigate between IT applications easily and view linked information. When replying to an email, wouldn't it be good if you could still see the email as you were replying to it?

Collaboration: While using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it would be ideal if you could still have access to another screen as well as being on the call.

Go vertical: For some applications rotating a monitor 90 degrees can reap massive benefits. 

In some cases, the only bad thing about having 2 monitors is that you don't have 3 monitors. Bill Gates has a three-monitor set up - The screen on the left is for his email, the middle screen is what he is currently working on and the right screen is an internet browser.