WW:Keeping your IT Equipment clean

Posted in Blogs on 02/09/20

We have put together some steps on how to clean your tech without damaging them:

  1. Don't use household cleaning products: Most cleaning products are too harsh for your technology and can cause permanent damage. You should use something that can kill germs, as well as removing everyday grime. The best thing to use is Isopropyl Alcohol. 
  2. Power down completely: Before you do any kind of cleaning, make sure you turn off your equipment and uplug it from any power sources. Switch wireless keyboards and mice off and remove the batteries.
  3. Grab a microfiber cloth: You should dampen your microfiber cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol and wipe screens and external surfaces gently. 

How often you clean your tech is completely up to you. But it is a good idea to wipe down your equipment a few times a month.