Online team building games to try with colleaguess

Posted in Blogs on 19/07/20

When members of your team are working remotely, it can be quite difficult to foster team building without face-to-face contact. Remote team building can be tough to figure out, but not impossible. 

We have created a list of some activities you can try on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

  1. Quizzes - I'm sure you have already been involved with some online quizzes, at crusade we picked a different team member each week to host the quiz, we made sure the quizzes were no longer than 25 questions and were finished within the hour. You can find some Quiz-inspiration from Ken's Quiz Site.
  2. Online Escape Rooms - Andy Newbrook, our marketing manager loves an escape room (ask him how many he has successfully escaped), but during lockdown he obviously couldn't visit any. But thankfully, online escape rooms are a new big craze, easy to use and with up to 6 participants. It is a great way to complete some remote team building. Check out Cryptic Events for some online Escape Rooms.
  3. Happy Hour - One of the best remote team building events we have done is remote happy hour. It's a time for you to put the tools down on a friday, grab your favourite beverage and bond 'outside' of work. Use this time to learn something new about your colleagues, strictly no work talk.
  4. MasterChef - Create a challenge, we went with a burger challenge. Give your team 1 week to prepare and record their dish and submit it to your chose judge. Vote on the best dish during your next Happy Hour
  5. Task Master - At Crusade, Graham Rowlands and Andy Newbrook love the TV show, Task Master, set your challenges and give your team 1 week to record their results and submit them to you. Play the videos in your next remote call. If you need some ideas check out this video on youtube.