Popular IT Support Queries

Posted in Blogs on 29/05/20

Our IT Support team deals with 20-30 support calls from our customers each month. This might not seem like a lot, but we mostly have everything under control. We have analysed our data from the past 6 months and wanted to share the most common issues we are asked to resolve.

  1. Login Errors

It happens to everyone, many of our customers call us with login issues which are easily resolved. First things first, have you made sure you have remembered the caps in the right place? Maybe you have tried to login too many times and are now locked out – don’t worry its easily solved. Alternatively, if you have forgotten your password altogether we can easily reset it for you remotely.

  1. Deleted File Restore

If you have deleted a file from the server and you cannot see it in the recycling bin, you might need to call us for assistance as we will need to access the backup. Whether you have a cloud backup enabled or you have onsite backup we can often access the deleted file in no time. Backup and Disaster recovery are so important to businesses and we encourage all our customers to allow us to set this up.

  1. New user setups

We are often asked to setup new users, this involved Active Directory account creation, Office 365 account creation and license application. These will be based on information you provide us detailing the new employee’s name, position and any special access they require.

  1. Password Resets

This is the most popular question our team is asked from our customers. Whether it is a Microsoft password reset or Active Directory we can easily resolve this for you.

If you are interested in outsourcing your IT Support for your business please get in touch.