Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

Posted in Blogs on 13/05/20

2020 has been quite a year for Microsoft Teams, with loads of brand new features introduced to improve the remote working experience. We have put together a list of the updates that we think have made the biggest postive impact on working from home.

  1. Background Blur for iOS: The popular background blur is now available on mobile. iOS users now keep the focus on them when they are on the move, whether you are walking the dog or on a light stroll, you will still maintain a professional presence on your virtual meetings.
  2. Raise your hand: The new 'raise hand' feature in Teams meetings allows participants to indicate when they would like to speak, enabling large meetings to run smoothly and reduce the amount of talking over each other.
  3. View 9 participants in videos: In the past you could only view 4 people on video, in April, Teams rolled out a new update which now allows you to see 9 participants video feeds simultaneously.
  4. Background effects: Participants in Teams meeting can customise their backgrounds using an image of your choosing. This feature improved the experience of remote working and enables employees to keep their home private.
  5. Live captions on mobile: Participants can follow along and read what is being said during Teams meetings by turning on Live Captions on their PC or mobile device.

These updates address a number of needs for SMBs in these trying times, with many companies relying on remote working solutions to survice right now, Teams has stepped up to make virtual collaboration simple and seamless.