Should you switch to Hardware as a Service?

Posted in Blogs on 14/08/20

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) has captured IT managers' imaginations, offering new usage and payment models that makes workstations easier to manage.

Hardware as a Service bundles the management and support services associated with the device into single regular payments that also cover the cost of the unit itself. When you use a device under a HaaS arrangement, you're not buying the hardware so it doesn't have to appear on your balance sheet. You also don't have to worry about maintenance, repairs or ongoing IT support. 

A HaaS contract brings several benefits:

Predictable budgeting

Planing for hardware refreshes means allocating a substantial portion of your budget ever year and prices can fluctuate. Then you have to consider the maintenance and repair budgets. By switching to a regular payment with all services included means you can plan your finances with more confidence.

No capital expenditure

When you purcahse new hardware for your business, you make a sizeable investment in that product. This will eat into your budget and leave less money for other projects. Aside from freeing up your budget, this has other benefits. The equipment won't show up as a liability on your balance sheet, which will make it easier when securing financing. That is especially important when recessions and other adverse business conditions loom.

High morale = high productivity

This one will delight your users: they will get the latest new equipment on a regular basis. When the hardware doesn't perform well, your staff will follow suit. By getting the newest equipment as part of the contract, you guarantee a positve working experience for your employees and a productive workforce.

Reduced management costs

Teaming with a HaaS provider that has a track record in IT Support services means that you'll get active management. Rather than waiting for things to go wrong, the service provider will monitor machines remotely to watch for potential issues and fix them before they become problems. 

Hardware as a Service frees up the budget that you'd spend on buying and maintaining hardware yourself so that you can invest it in other projects. With these advantages, HaaS models warrant at least a closer look and a discussion with your Managed Service Provider. You might find that it gives you the budgeting and support boost that you've been looking for.

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