What is ransomware?

Posted in Blogs on 03/08/20

Imagine someone broke into your business, stole all of your data (you don't have a backup) and told you they would only return it if you paid a sum. Imagine paying that sum and still not receiving your files. What would your business do?

Back in 2017, our NHS was brought to its knees by Ransomware. The ransomware encrypted all the files on computers, leaving them completely inaccessible and demanded a ransom be paid to decrypt them. 

Cyber-attacks happen all the time, I bet you have one in your mailbox or spam folder right now, usually a poorly written email with an attachment for you to download. These attacks don't usually make the news unless it's someone like the NHS, a massive organisation. 

Crusade Computer Solutions has first-hand experience that Small to Midsize businesses are being targeted. We can help protect your business by being proactive and identifying the areas of weaknesses before the attackers find them.

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