Why are backups so important for your business?

Posted in Blogs on 31/07/20

What is a backup?

A data backup is a copy of files from your computer or device for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss.

Why is a backup important?

It doesn't matter how small or big your business is, regular backups are essential to securing your businesses data. In fact, regular backups may be the single most important step you take for preventing a disaster.

Below are a few reasons why your business should perform data backups and implement a disaster recovery solution:

  • Failure to backup your data could cost you money: Regular backups are an insurance policy for your business, as the modern business is mostly supported by computer networks, a loss of your network data can have a crippling financial effect on your business.
  • Ransomware can strike at any time: As soon as you are hit with ransomware malware, your entire network is encrypted. At this moment, you are completely locked out of your own network until you pay a ransom to hackers, usually with a crypto currency. Don't assume that your small business will be safe though, due to the lack of security in place for most small businesses, SMB's are often the prime targets for ransomware attackers. With a secure backup of your system, you can help avoid paying the ransom and simply restore your data before you got infected.
  • Natural disasters are sometimes unavoidable: Statistics from FEMA indicate that 40% of businesses fail to open after suffering a natural disaster. Part of the problem has to do with failure to backup data, leaving businesses starting from scratch following a disaster.
  • Lost data can hurt your reputation: If you lose data, you also lose your customers trust. Especially if you lose customer information. By having a poor reputation will likely lose you customers.
  • Peace of mind: Backups help you rebuild your network, regardless of what may happen. Otherwise you can lose important data like, customer financial records, payroll data, mailing lists, product information and business plans. With cost effective backup strategies available from Managed Support Providers like Crusade Computer Solutions, there is no reason your business should go without a regular data backup policy.

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