Why is my computer so slow?

Posted in Blogs on 06/07/20

5 Reasons Your Computer is Slow

  1. You have too many programs open: Today, the team had a zoom meeting and Andy Gladwish shared his screen with us. He had 23 Internet Explorer windows open, 37 Google Chrome Windows open totalling 724 tabs, he also had various Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Teams, loads of different folders and his email. If this was on a standard office computer, it would be EXTREMELY SLOW. On a standard office computer this would make your computer slow. (To find out what office computer is best to buy, click here)
  2. Your Hard drive or memory could be maxed out: This might be suprising, but your hard drive or memory performance will start suffering long before it is 100% full. We estimate that about 85% capacity, your computers efficiency and productivity will massively reduce.
  3. Unnecessary software updates are updates are overloading your machine: Many programs and applications come pre-installed with automatic updates activated. These take up valuable hard drive space and interfere with normal functions.
  4. Too many applications automatically open when you start up your computer: Very smiliar to how some applications preset to install updates without warning, some of your progammes will automatically load upon startup. This can really slow down your computers processing speed.
  5. Your computer could be infected with a virus: Usually if you have a virus, it makes itself known immediately. Viruses that run in the background can really slow your computer down.