Why Password Security Matters

Posted in Blogs on 06/05/21

Logging in from Home: Why Password Security Matters

With more and more people working from home, organisations security statuses are being exposed, in many cases for the worse. Whether it’s a lack of resources that leads to employees working from their personal devices or insufficient security training that leads to remote employees ignoring security best practices, the outcome is that our current digital landscape is a hacker’s heyday.

No matter how your organisation is having to cope, ensuring password security best practices are followed is an easy way to improve your security without needing to purchase new technology or deploy complicated hardware. Be sure that:

  • Passwords are enabled on all accounts possible for all employees
  • MFA/2FA (Multi-factor authentication is enabled on all accounts possible
  • Employees are encouraged to create strong passwords and not reuse “easy” passwords across multiple accounts
  • Access to admin-level privileges and important data is controlled, reserved only for those who need it.
  • Employees understand the danger of storing passwords in plain text.

In the end, none of these tips or solutions are 100% hack-proof on their own—that’s why it’s important to utilize them together for layers of security and maximum protection. Don’t let a single password be a one-way ticket to getting hacked.

If you are worried about passwords In your business get in touch for a free Cyber Security audit.