Your website is your most powerful tool

Posted in Blogs on 25/01/21

Serving as a 24/7 sales team, a front desk, and an internationally accessible place to showcase your product or service, your website should be one of your most powerful digital marketing tools. But the functionality of a website is not the whole story, as consumers we’re also heavily influenced by a website’s visuals, particularly by how ‘legitimate’ it looks.

Over Christmas, my girlfriend wanted to buy a Cricut – a pricey crafting tool. The best deal was on a website that didn’t look very appealing; my girlfriend described it as ‘dodgy-looking’, but she really wanted the deal. I decided to give them a call, and after a great conversation with them, we felt they were trustworthy and got the deal. I know websites and I know businesses don’t understand the importance of a good website, but my girlfriend – and the vast majority of people – wouldn’t have bought from that website. Time is precious and no one wants to have to call a company just to get a feel for how trustworthy they are. In fact, most people will pay more for a product or service if they feel they can trust the company.

This is just one of the thousands of examples of businesses that are missing out on sales because they haven’t pushed their websites to their full potential. In a time where online sales are at an all-time high, we shouldn’t forget the reasons why a website is still a business’s most important digital marketing tool.

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