Making Lockdown Simple

Posted in Case Studies on 01/04/20

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown, several of our customers have found it necessary to quickly make arrangements to allow their colleagues to work from home. We have assessed the needs of our customers and provided solutions according to the differing situations they are facing.

Some of our customers have been set up with a VPN connection. This allows them to take their computer home and connect to their office network using their own home internet connection, meaning they can communicate with colleagues, share documents and access company resources as easily as if they were still working in the office, while still maintaining all necessary security measures.

Others have found that taking their office computers home is impractical, and so have elected for an approach that allows them to remotely control their office PC from their internet-connected home PC over a secure connection. This means that they can maintain access to all of their documents, software and resources without having to physically move their equipment.

These solutions have had to be implemented quickly and effectively due to the constantly-changing nature of the lockdown, and Crusade have been always available to assist with any issues that could occur as the customers get to grips with the new procedures.