Crusade completes Wolf Run for Hibbs Lupus Trust

Posted in Community on 30/04/19

Fresh trails and thick mud with a mix of obstacles awaited the team as they successfuly ran the ultimate 10km route.

The run was hard work but entirely enjoyable, the team raised £550.00 for the Hibbs Lupus Trust. 

Chris Quick, one of the directors at Crusade said it was one of the most enjoyable things he had done for a long time, but he could not walk properly for at least a week,

What is lupus?

Lupus is a chronic and presently incurable illness of the immune system.

What does the Hibbs Lupus Trust do?

We provide support and information to anybody affected by or concerned about lupus.
We raise awareness of the symptoms of lupus to encourage early diagnosis and reduce life threatening complications associated with the condition.
We raise funds to provide facilities, equipment and services for NHS hospitals and Foundation Trusts for the benefit of lupus patients.